Thursday, January 31, 2013

karen doing what he does best

i took this photo on a fall 2011 trip to st louis on my dad's old petrie 35mm camera, bought in vietnam during the war. anthony rahn fs boards as the homies watch, wishing they were doing the same.

Friday, January 18, 2013

et in paradise

et's got some new clips in this paradise wheels winter flow montage!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

bummer goes south

on dec 27th, we all crammed into a car and took trip out to raleigh, north carolina to visit john keiper and escape the illinois winter. got to skate a bunch of awesome spots, eat a lot of really good food, drink some beers, make some friends, and it couldn't have went any better! thanks to mike, john and james for letting us crash at their house and showing us around your city!! can't wait to come back!

photos from the journey:
see all of em on our facebook page
the route. 13 hours of 5 grown men in a tiny car.
eric's favorite road trip spot. big boy!
our home for the trip. i miss that place already!
gotta stay loose!
before-hawk and after-hawk.
glorious pivot fakie by chief. such a fun dyi spot!
apparently there are goats at schools in north carolina...
val and john. you guys are the best!
new years eve family portraits.
john and pete chillin hard.
facetime ruled our trip. pretty sure we were sitting next to each other.
it's hard out here for a player.
bojangles! why can't there be these in chicago?!
family dinner.
big money big cars!
nick downloaded that light app for his iphone. aka superglue.
couldn't be more thankful for the southern hospitality. i miss you guys already!