Friday, January 24, 2014

carbondale and st. louis trip

last summer, we took a 5 day trip to carbondale and st louis. the crew was me,  daniel hawver, seattle harris, and chad. andy patterson, sam karafiat, blake madden and kevin braun meet up a few days later in st louis.
dhawv manned the wheel
seattle sparked it off with a couple tricks on the siu campus rail.
world's best hubba.
we started the first full day off at a park a couple towns over. seattle tre to fakie.
next spot was this knee height rail. chad boardslid it again for the love, and seattle got 50-50 and smith before getting worked on bs smith. we all headed to subway so he could ice his face for a bit.
lot of options at this one. chad got feeble pop over while dhawv had his way with the ledge.
we got an early start on day 3. heading west toward st louis, we checked out a few spots along the way.
got a tip on the location of this double set rail. seattle rode away from a couple tricks before 10am.
chad saluted the ol' miss as we got into st louis.
first spot in stl. a perfect bench in a cemetery.
day 4. sam, andy, blake, and kb had arrived.
we finished the day with a session at the pine street rails. as the deej battled a line with chad, the rest of us drank beer in the street.
kramer approves.
day 5, first spot. kb, seattle and andy all rode away from this thing before lunch time.
we kept it going with a sesh at the library hubba until it started to rain.
hi fives all around!
andy loves rain-x.
the rain stopped for a bit, so blake and daniel battled the berra gap. they were cut short by even more rain. having to head home soon, we finished the trip at kings highway for the last sesh of the trip.
thanks to ashley in carbondale and the kehoe brothers in st louis for the good times and hospitality! can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


bummer stocks are plummeting quick, so the marketing team over at headquarters decided it was time to make some changes. we are proud to introduce the bummer 2 instagram page! click that follow button!0 followers.... pathetic

Monday, January 6, 2014

eric joins the paradise wheels team

after putting out a bunch of footage in flow montages all last year, eric thomas is now on the paradise wheel team! here's the new full part to prove it, shot and edited by kevin 'chief' delgrosso. you both killed it!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

cz day 2013

finally finished the edit from this past year's carl zirbes day!