Tuesday, April 30, 2013

bummer at the beach edit

in january this year, andy patterson, sam & eric karafiat, and i took a trip out to southern california for a little vacation/skate trip. great spots, bunch of hot tubbin, and awesome people. homie footy of taylor caruso, alec ozawa, glen hammerle, and bern iseli.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

erik vs the wall

on february 18th this year, erik lundquist painted a mural on the graffiti wall at homewood skate park. using white house paint and a six cans of black spray paint, he finished the whole thing in about five hours. unfortunately, it was covered pretty quickly, surviving as a backdrop to the mini ramp for only a couple days.

i shot a bit of 16mm film of the process, and edited it down into a short film for erik's website. i took a couple photos too; check them out below.

erik lundquist art

if you have some spare cash, click on the shop and pick up some of his work.


do yourself a favor and watch this video! made by adam mills, tucker phillips, and andrew smith. this is a really great one; only chicago footage, awesome skating, killer soundtrack, and backed bunch of great humans. check out their blog in the links section.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

thomas got the plague

watch thomas in the new plague hardware promo!

Friday, April 12, 2013

bummer at the beach

alec ozawa just came out with his 6th issue of Depressed Midwest, and inside is an article that highlights our winter trip to california. check it out! pages 98-108. thanks alec!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

st. louis and peoria trips

some photos from march trips to st. louis and peoria.
day one in st louis was wet and cold, undercover spots all day.

chad wallrides.

et pivot fakies.

et switch frontside fuck it in the snow.

kb and chad about to go to war.

kb, et, chad, and alex. day 2 drive way warm ups.

first spot, manny into the steeps.

kb boardslides through the gap.
paul machnau.

mandatory footy check photo.

et and kb both racked.
day 3, chad and alex.

til next time, thanks to alex and gabe kehoe for the place to stay and awesome spots to skate!

first spot in peoria, the flumes. you have to walk 30 minutes through sewers to get here. everyone got clips, one of the coolest spots in illinois.

kb ollie warm ups.

et bout to get weird.

day 2, first spot, seattle bs 180 bar to gap.

more ditch adventures.

trip got sketchy when et destroyed his ankle here, one of the gnarliest dudes i know, get well soon!

day 3, nick crooks a tall one right before we get the boot.

kb boardslides.

mangerson with some bridge pumps.
thanks justin and alex for having us, you guys rule!